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2024 Donor List

Donors as of April 19, 2024

GOLD $1000+
Kirby Cartwright
Stephan Zachwieja (match through Benevity)

SILVER $500 – 999
Sally Bagshaw, Outreach Sponsor
D.A. Davidson Companies
Pat Pierce
Terry Roche

BRONZE $100 – 499
Wesa Anderson
Anonymous, Program Sponsor
Joan Baldwin, Clinic Sponsor
Wendy Blair
Suzanne Broback
Darcy Birkeland
Bruce Caredio
Carol Druse
Susie Egan, Demo Gardens Sponsor
Christopher Ensor
Medtronic Foundation
Tammy Grogan
Le Habryle
Joe & Marisa Jennings, Outreach Sponsors
Jean Jones, Program Sponsor
Amy Kaminishi
Marie Kurka-Brown, Demonstration Gardens Sponsor
Nancy & Jerry Marshall, Program Sponsor
Lynn Meyer, Clinic Sponsor
Ruth Purcell
Ann Rodak
Karen Saville (match through Benevity)
Gary Scheider, Program Sponsor
Daryl Schlesser, Clinic Sponsor
Diane Scott, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation matching grant, Program Sponsor
Susan Sparrowhawk, Outreach Sponsor
Michelle Traverso
Debra Westwood
Kendra Williams, Outreach Sponsor
Margaret Windus
Donna Wood, Finn Hill Garden Sponsor

Marie Adlhoch
Anonymous, Clinics Sponsor
Valentina Barei
Jill Barry
Cristina Cartledge
Mary Dempsey
Brooke Dowling
Norma Edwards
Aslaug Haraldsdottir
Ann Jackson
Lisa Lange, Program Sponsor
Carol Laurier
Linda Mank
Karin Miller
Mostafa Moktari
Lisa Nash, Clinics Sponsor
Angela Parvu
Cleo Raulerson
Margaret Safranek
Alan Ward

2023 FALL APPEAL DONORS (received in 2024 calendar year)

GOLD $1,000+
Carrie Hill

SILVER $500-999
Carole Linse

BRONZE $100-499
Dave Hanower
Amy Johnson
James Little
Suzi O’Byrne
Helen Parke
Cris & Fred Wemer

Paul Brynes
Gale Kroll
Eileen Little
Elizabeth Miles

If there are any mistakes in the list or if you desire to remain anonymous, please contact and we will correct it.