Cultivating community partnerships

We promote sustainable gardening in the Pacific Northwest

Building the Foundation for Collaborative Growth

The Foundation (MGFKC) supports Master Gardener volunteers as a they work to increase public outreach, garner support for the program, and cultivate community engagement around their environmental education programs. All King County Master Gardeners are eligible to be members of the Foundation. We invite you to join our efforts in the greater Puget Sound region to promote sustainable gardening in your own community.

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Our Foundation

We are a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports and promotes the WSU Extension Master Gardener program in King County. Our Foundation was the first in the state, and as a charitable and educational nonprofit, it uses it funds to meet the needs of the growing Master Gardener program in King County. The Foundation accepts donations to assist Master Gardeners who serve in King County in over three dozen plant clinics and more than a dozen demonstration gardens. They provide educational materials for clinic volunteers to freely share with the public along with advice; they sponsor workshops, outreach events and programs for local communities. We wish to recognize the dedication and achievements of our many talented volunteers. We welcome you join us in the effort!

The State Foundation

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The focus of the State Foundation is threefold:

1. First, to provide financial and logistical support to our annual Advanced Education Conference so that we can continually advance the horticultural education of Master Gardeners in Washington, and help our dedicated volunteers succeed in every county.

2. To nurture state-wide leadership, communication, and collaboration amongst our dozens of local chapters, representing 39 counties, and to promote best practices in both fundraising and foundation management across Washington State and on a national level.

3. To work in concert with WSU Extension to magnify the benefits of Master Gardener programs in all counties and regions of Washington state and across the U.S.

WSU Extension

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WSU Extension administers the state-wide Master Gardener program, training volunteers in research-based best practices, and providing educational resources that Master Gardeners use for public outreach and environmental advocacy throughout Washington state. The Master Gardener program promotes community engagement through its plant clinics, demonstration gardens, educational workshops, and youth programs that require continual funding and broad-based public support. Master Gardener foundations in other local chapters of Washington also provide financial support through donations and fundraising campaigns to ensure Master Gardener programs in every county will continue to thrive.

Find a local Master Gardener program chapter in your county.

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Learn About Our King County Master Gardener Program

The WSU Extension King County Master Gardener website has information about becoming a King County Master Gardener and descriptions of our gardens and clinic activities including our youth programs and speakers bureau. Discover our Puget Sound Tip Sheets, a gardening resource for our area, and links to WSU’s extensive online publications.