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Ask a Master Gardener Clinics Have Answers for Free

Go ahead and ask – we’re ready to help! We’ve been answering your challenging garden questions for half a century and no question is too hard or trivial for our certified volunteers. King County Master Gardeners come armed with the latest science-based training, environmental research, and practical horticultural resources to help with all your gardening needs and aspirations. We also welcome online inquiries, and host in-person diagnostic plant clinics at select locations on recurring dates, from March through September.


Online Gardening Advice

Help is just one click away – Now you can ask a Master Gardener anything, all year round. Contact us via our email hotline to ask questions, request resources, and share photos of the problem you need to tackle. Our expert volunteers will get back to you promptly with personalized advice and diagnostic feedback.

Email gardening questions to the King County Master Gardeners by sending emails and photos directly to ask-a-mastergardener@live.com.

Visit our Ask a Master Gardener web page to learn what kind of information and what types of photographs will be most helpful to our Master Gardener volunteers to have to answer your questions.

Upright fir cones
West Seattle Master Gardener Plant Clinic with volunteers answering couple's questions

In Person Plant Clinics

King County Ask a Master Gardener Clinics – We host plant clinics March through September at select locations throughout King County. Drop by to visit and speak with a university-trained Master Gardener who’s ready to help with all your horticultural needs. Pick our brains, peruse our books and resources, and get answers to your most pressing questions.

Photographs are always helpful. Please make sure the photos you provide are clear, not blurry and provide a selection of shots to ensure accurate diagnosis.

For plant identification, please provide flowers and fruit if possible. For insects, please make sure the sample is dead and in a container.

Provide plant samples that show live and diseased or dying growth for better diagnostic help.

Check out our map of local plant clinics to find locations, dates, and times in your neighborhood community. Or use this list of clinic locations and times for the current year.

Gardener holding two unpotted house plants to examine rootballs
Microscope with plant specimen in petri dish in laboratory

King County Master Gardener Diagnostic Lab

The Master Gardeners at plant clinics and on-line are occasionally stumped – yes, that can happen! If this is the case, we are happy to send your problem to our King County Master Gardener Diagnostic Laboratory. Our state-of-the-art lab is staffed by volunteer Master Gardeners with additional training to help them uncover and identify perplexing plant problems, pests, and diseases. Once diagnosed, they will respond with recommendations how to solve your garden dilemma.