Heads Up! from the Diagnosticians

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Timely Knowledge Comes in Focus

The Heads Up! newsletter was published by the King County Master Gardener Diagnostic Lab from 2017 to 2021. The articles remain of relevance to gardeners for the time of year in which they were published. Articles include diagnostic problems, insect and pest problems, weather updates, the Nerd’s Corner and fun facts with photos in Twigga Mortis. Here are some past issues.


Heads UP Fall 2021 V7 No 3: End of Season Contemplations; Record Breaking Weather; Attack of Bay Laurel Psyllids
Sunburns, Scorches and Scalds; Consider Cover Crops; Iris-A Rainbow of Rhizomes; The Sawfly Exceptions; Useful Web Resources; Nerd’s Corner: Scat, Cat!; Twigga Mortis: Sun damage; Frankensquash.

Heads UP Mid-Season V7 No 2: Mommy Dearest??; Beneficial Garden Insects; Beneficial Garden Insects; Fruit Tree Woes; Funky Friends; Rascally Root Weevils; Nerd’s Corner; Twigga Mortis: Yucky Yucca; Pop Quiz: Is it a Sign or a Symptom?

Heads UP Spring 2021 V7 No1: Welcome Back to Heads UP!; Nitrogen in the Spring Garden; European Chafers; Weather Station; A Systematic Approach to Plant Problem Diagnosis; Pop Quiz: Is it a Sign or a Symptom?


Heads UP September-October 2020 V6 No 5: Ready, Set, Harvest; Fall Turf Care; The Birdie Did It; Another Trouble-Making Sawfly; Fall for Fall Planting; Raspberries; Weather Station, Nerd’s Corner (Daphne bholua) and Twigga Mortis

Heads UP July-August 2020 V6 No4: Greetings to Our Dearly Missed MG Friends; The bugs of Summer; Houseplants: Today’s Original Container Gardens; Kaolin Clay-A Biological Barrier; Anthracnose: Not Just for Dogwoods; Managing Ivy: The Juveniles vs Adult Way; How to Use a Tree Watering Bag-Properly; Twisted Lilies; Weather Station, Nerd’s Corner and Twigga Mortis

Heads UP June 2020 V6 No3: How much fertilizer/mulch; Nutrient Deficiencies-an image map; Raised-bed Veggie Gardening; Bug Watch; Verticillium Wilt — again; Weather Station, Nerd’s Corner; Hogweed vs Parsnip?

Heads UP April-May 2020 V6 No2: Hello from a social distance; Flex Your Master Gardener Mental Muscles – a pictorial challenge; Weather Station, Nerd’s Corner, Twigga Mortis and a Giant Hornet Alert

Heads UP March 2020 V6 No1: Welcome from Heads UP!; Don’t Plant that Tomato Yet!; The Word from Captain Cleanup; 2019 Down to the Numbers; Asian Giant Hornet; Houdini Fly; Weather Station, Nerd’s Corner and Twigga Morti