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Meet the Board of Directors for Our Foundation

The MGFKC Board of Directors plays a crucial role in fulfilling the organization’s mission and ensuring its operational and legal accountability. The Board sets an annual fundraising goal, aiming to surpass the previous year’s total. Through their active involvement and regular review of fundraising strategies, the Board contributes to the organization’s growth and success. Its members are engaged, inspired, and knowledgeable about how to contribute effectively and committed to helping build a road to the future.

The Board facilitates the exchange of ideas and information with WSU Extension and serves as advisor to the King County Program Coordinator. The Board interacts with WSU Extension and reviews and approves the Memorandum of Agreement with Washington State University Extension on a regular basis to maintain a clear understanding of all roles and responsibilities to ensure the growth and success of the Master Gardener program in King County.

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MGFKC Board of Directors members are elected by the Foundation membership to serve three-year terms but not more than seven consecutive years. The Board of Directors manages the affairs of the Foundation on behalf of its membership of Master Gardener volunteers. Their main duties are to accept contributions and administer those funds.

Master Gardeners are encouraged, but not required, to join MGFKC. All Foundation members are King County Master Gardeners who play a variety of leadership roles and are all passionate about gardening. All Master Gardeners are welcome and encouraged to attend board meetings.

Meetings of the Board of Directors are regularly scheduled for the second Thursday of the month. Details are published in the monthly newsletter.

MGFKC Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes are updated each month.

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Board of Directors

Joan Baldwin
Master Gardener – Class of 2018
Joined the Board in 2023

Trish Bloor
Master Gardener – Class of 2019
Joined the Board in 2020

Phil Fordyce
Master Gardener – Class of 2014
Joined the Board in 2022

Joe Jennings
Vice President
Master Gardener – Class of 2022
Joined the Board in 2023

Matt Jennings
Master Gardener – Class of 2022
Joined the Board in 2023

TerryJo (TJ) Johnson
Master Gardener – Class 0f 2016
Joined the Board in 2019

Linda Kaufman
Master Gardener – Class of 2017
Joined the Board in 2023

Nancy Marshall
MG Emeritus – Class of 2007

Joined the Board in 2022

Suzi O’Byrne
Master Gardener – Class of 2009
Joined the Board in 2020

Linda Peterson
Master Gardener – Class of 2015
Joined the Board in 2022

Lin Provost
Master Gardener – Class of 2020
Joined the Board in 2022

Dawn Rubstello
Master Gardener – Class of 2020
Joined the Board in 2023

Gary Scheider
Master Gardener – Class of 2010
Joined the Board in 2023, 2013-2019

Daryl Schlesser
Master Gardener – Class of 2003
Joined the Board in 2023

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Standing Committees and Leadership Teams:

Standing Committee of the Foundation are appointed by the Board for an indefinite time. Special Committees are appointed for a specific task with a specified time to completion. [By-Laws, Art. VI]

The Foundation Standing Committees are Audit and Development.

Advisory Committees are selected by the Master Gardener Program Coordinator. For information about the advisory teams, contact the Program Office at king.mg@wsu.edu.

Two committees share accountability to both the Foundation and the Program: Education and Communications

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How to Get Involved with Foundation Leadership

Committee Membership: Foundation members do not have to be a member of the Board to serve on Committees. If you are looking for a way to volunteer and contribute to the Foundation and one of these committees matches your experience, expertise, or interests, please contact the Foundation President, president@mgfkc.org.