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All about urban horticulture & landscape design

BDG Workshops offer expert advice on how to cultivate beautiful landscape gardens in the Pacific Northwest.

rmp: this page will go once you merge relevant content into the Online Classes page. The Bellevue Demonstration Garden offers general gardening knowledge and urban horticulture methods in a convenient online format and a broad range of topics that are appropriate for all ages and skill levels, from beginning gardeners to experienced growers. Workshops introduce gardeners to a variety of plants and growing techniques that are successful in the Pacific Northwest, with an emphasis on on ornamental species, landscape planning, healthy soil cultivation, and pollinator habitats that attract beneficial bugs and wildlife.

Online Workshops

BDG Garden Workshops – cover a comprehensive range of gardening topics with a focus on ornamental plants and gardening techniques for the maritime climate. 2023 BDG Schedule

Online Sessions: Workshops are offered from January through October with approximately 2 workshops per month hosted on zoom. All workshops are held on Saturdays from 9:30am-10:30am. Advance registration is required.

Cost: The fee for individual workshops is $7.50. There are subscription rates available for Series 1 (workshops 1-10) and Series 2 (workshops 11-20), at $56 each – a 25% savings over the cost of individual sessions.

Registration: Advance registration is required with online purchase. Access link and instructions are sent via email to registered participants at 5pm on the day of class.

Audio Recordings: Never miss out! The BDG workshop sessions will be recorded and are made available to registered participants following the class.

Financial Need Fee Waivers. A limited number or Fee Waivers are available for individual classes at no cost. We offer up to ten (10) waiver requests per class. To apply for a workshop fee waiver please submit a request form prior to registering. Waiver forms are located on the registration page for each workshop. Waivers may not be used for a series subscription and must be approved by workshop staff prior to registration.

Support Garden Education

Class fees help fund Master Gardener activities and environmental education programs through the Master Gardener Foundation of King County.

Who are Master Gardeners? We are certified, university-trained volunteers who provide the public with relevant, unbiased and research-based information focused on environmentally friendly gardening practices.

Don and two previous Master Gardener of the Year recipients.

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March 4 – Pruning Fruit Trees. Speaker: Brandon Bray, Master Gardener. Do you have fruit trees in your yard that you want to know more about? Like how to improve their yield, battle common pests, and prune them properly? Brandon Bray is an experienced pruner who can teach you how, when, and why to prune your fruit trees for optimal health.stop after one… registration links to Constant Contact on an unsecured site. Want to know more about this before we fully go in this direction. Register for this workshop

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