Investing in our future

Funding education, outreach, and local impact

We support the mission of Master Gardeners in King County and across Washington State with science-based garden education programs & environmental stewardship.

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Research-based Education

The Master Gardener Foundation operates in partnership with WSU Extension, an higher education institution dedicated to science-based horticultural research. King County Master Gardeners are certified in best practices of urban horticulture and advocates of environmental stewardship. Our university-trained volunteers share the most current resarch from WSU Extension and teaching professors. In order to stay informed, certified Master Gardeners are required to complete Continuing Education (CE) courses on an annual basis. The Endowed Chair pitch

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Statewide Support

At the State level talk about the AEC and again, keeping MG’s up to speed with our changing environment. Also, I learned from the King site that there is an International AEC in the USA this year… you can include that, too (with link) if you need words to match the WSU side.

Don and two previous Master Gardener of the Year recipients.

Master Gardener Foundation of King County

rmp: Nori, go to your ‘New Education’ page to complete the rest of this page. In this block (created so we can get the MGF logo…. I would do summary stuff like the sections above. We are moving away (somewhat) from my previous hard line between in-person and online classes…. but you could mention in words instead of separate boxes like on that page. Also an opportunity for Demonstration gardens as ‘live classrooms’ like you alluded to on our Tuesday call. Answer Clinics can be listed here, too…

Growing Groceries Classes

Bellevue Demonstration Garden Workshops

Kids in the Garden Series

No Dead Ends…. Would you like to learn more about how to support the The Master Gardener Foundation of King County’s mission to fund environmental education and environmental stewardship in the Puget Sound region?