Clinics & Demonstration Gardens

CLINICS. You may use the map below to locate a Master Gardener plant clinic in King County near you. Please plan to visit a Master Gardener plant clinic for answers to gardening questions and for diagnosis of your plant problems and to learn how to manage your gardens and landscapes in a science-based, sustainable manner. Master Gardener volunteers in these plant clinics will recommend research-based information about gardening and environmental stewardship.

  • Find a plant clinic. Select a name or click on a round, red icon on the map below to locate a Master Gardener plant clinic. Print out this 2022 Clinics Schedule for all the plant clinic locations and times.
  • For help at any time, contact our Ask a Master Gardener Email Clinic.

GARDENS. Locate a Master Gardener garden in King County. There are demonstration, outreach and youth gardens in the county where residents can see and learn to grow their own food and become more self-sufficient with the help of Master Gardeners. The hours of operation in our demonstration gardens will vary. Please use the map to locate a garden near you.

  • Find a garden. Scroll through the list or select a star icon on the map below to locate a Master Gardener garden to visit.

Use this helpful map to locate these resources in King County:

  • Click on an icon to see more information about the resource (round for clinics, stars for gardens).
  • Drag the map to move around and use the + and – buttons to zoom in and out for better viewing.
  • Click the boxy icon in the top Left of the map banner to view a list of all clinics and gardens.
  • Click the box-like icon in the top Right of the map banner to view a full size map.