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How Donations Are Used

The Master Gardener Foundation of King County expends nearly $150,000 annually to fund the delivery of the WSU Extension Master Gardener programs to the citizens of King County. In 2023, the Foundation budgeted about $115,000 to fund 100% of the following:  

  • Demonstration Gardens. Master Gardeners maintain a dozen demonstration gardens, two youth gardens and an outreach garden in King County. Community visitors come to enjoy the beauty of the plants, and to learn how to grow and care for their own gardens. Sizes of these gardens vary, but they all donate their produce to local food banks that serve the community. 
  • Ask a Master Gardener Clinics. Clinic expenses include printing and distribution of reference materials which are provided free of charge to the public at all clinic locations. The Foundation arranges for the canopies, tables and banners for the display of these free materials and the easy access to the clinic volunteers for advice and plant questions.
  • King County Diagnostic Lab at CUH. Since 1986 King County’s Diagnostic Lab has provided detailed diagnostic information about plant problems, and plant and insect identification to home gardeners without charge. Their detailed communications are provided at no charge. Microscopes, a reference library and office computers are provided by the Foundation for this group of volunteers.
  • WSU Extension Staff Office Space at the Center for Urban Horticulture (CUH). Office space rental for the WSU Extension Master Gardener program Coordinator and support staff at the University of Washington, the mailing, parking and phone expenses for these paid positions are paid by the Foundation.
  • Computer access, printing, rental spaces for events. Funds such as these are needed to host fundraisers, cover the daily expenses of running a large volunteer organization both in person and online, volunteer recognition programs, the website and other related communications such as the newsletters. The Foundation budgets nearly $35,000 annually for this portion of costs to run the WSU Extension program for Master Gardeners.
  • WSU Extension Staff. The Foundation contributes to the salaries of the full-time WSU Extension Program Coordinator and the program assistant to help provide a competitive salary for these qualified individuals working in King County.

The Foundation is very thankful to everyone who has already made gifts not matter the size. Every contribution helps our Master Gardener volunteers to create new ways to reach fellow gardeners and reimagine how to reach all the King County residents and show them how their small garden efforts have a big effect on our planet.

Help us to help us all. All donations are tax deductible, and we need your support more than ever. Consider donating today and Thank You!

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