Celebrating Master Gardeners in the field

Annual Recognition Awards for outstanding volunteers

Master Gardener Recognition Awards

Each year the Foundation and the King County program join efforts to recognize and celebrate our Master Gardeners and give credit for the thousands of hours donated by volunteers. Their time and talents give life to our plant clinics, our demonstration gardens, and our ongoing service projects. Each year’s recognition event acknowledges the work of these volunteers and their exceptional commitment to the Master Gardeners in the leadership roles they assume.

Group shot of Master Gardeners receiving awards

Pictured here from left to right are some of the members of the BDG Zoom team: Jim Olson, Siobhan Persson, Kelly Morris, Trish Bloor, Linda Peterson, and Emilie Castle.

Outstanding Master Gardener Awards

Leadership in Program Participation – Master Gardeners nominate their peers for the King County program’s Outstanding Master Gardener Award. These nominations acknowledge the volunteers’ degree of commitment and their ability to inspire others. This program award is presented to long time Master Gardeners as well as interns working towards certification. It is their exceptional commitment and enthusiasm and willingness to take on leadership roles in the program that sets them apart for this award.

Individuals nominated in 2022 for this award were Lori Armitage, Joan Baldwin, Trish Bloor, Bobbi Brayman, Harriet Dempsey, Carol Druse, Gabi Hong, Janile Martin, Sharon Peach Linda Peterson, Daryl Schlesser, Jean Wang, and Bruce Williams.

A group nominated for this award in 2022 was the BDG Zoom Workshop Team who were responsible for coordinating thirty very successful online workshops in 2022.

How to Nominate: Master Gardeners are invited to nominate a fellow King County MG for their extraordinary efforts. Complete this form to nominate your 2023 Outstanding Master Gardener volunteer or team.

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Foundation Awards

In 2015 the Foundation created two awards that recognize individuals or groups whose work directly benefits the Foundation.

The President’s Award is given for work on specific projects that have significant impact on the education programs that are part of our fundraising efforts.

The Board of Directors presents the Foundation Award for work on projects whose impact significantly helps the Foundation meet its financial goals in the current year.

We’ve had decades of success in the field across King County and invite you to review the Award Winners from previous years.

President’s Award

Photo of Cleo Raulerson smiling by hydrangeas

One of a Kind DedicationCleo Raulerson received the 2022 President’s Award for her help to revive the Master Gardener Speakers Bureau. Cleo reorganized the speakers and topics to increase the number of speaking engagements and provide honoraria from these engagements to the Foundation in the amount of $1300 in this first year. Cleo’s innovative leadership has inspired a new group of speakers to help with this work.

Master Gardeners may be scheduled by groups to speak on a variety of gardening topics. Find out more about our Speakers Bureau on our King County program website.

Foundation Award

Photo of 4 recipient winners

Fundraising Prowess – The Cool Plants, Hot Topics organizing team received the 2022 Foundation Award for this fundraising program at Bellevue Botanical Garden. Linda Peterson along with Bruce Caredio, Suzi O Byrne, and Bruce Williams, planned, organized, and staged a wildly successful fundraising event that garnered rave reviews and broad community support. This creative group’s efforts helped make this a successful fundraiser for the Foundation.

Find out more about the 2022 annual recognition awards in the 2022 November-December newsletter article.

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We Count on Your Generous Support

Every non-profit organization relies on the generosity of the public to help fund its mission and support its programs. If you believe in what we do and want to help drive environmental education in your community, please consider donating to the Master Gardener Foundation of King County. With your generous support, we’re able to fund grass roots advocacy for ecological stewardship of our shared natural resources. Explore ways you can contribute today for a greener tomorrow!