Grow your own groceries

Home grown edibles straight from the garden

From the garden to your table, we’ve got the resources you need to grow a feast of fruits and vegetables at home.

rmp: this page will go, once you have merged relevant content into the Online Classes page. Is there anything more crisp and delicious than a home-grown cucumber picked right off the vine? And little can match the intense tangy sweetness of a vine-ripened tomato, tossed in a fresh salad of greens harvested straight from the garden. Or perhaps planting your own fruit-bearing trees and berries is on your list this year… Whether it’s crunchy carrots, tender snow peas, or a selection of savory herbs, we want to help fill your garden full of good things to eat – from soil to seed to harvest!

Online Gardening Classes

Growing Groceries Series – Now in its fifth year! Learn best practices for growing fruits and vegetables in Western Washington. Class content is based on current science for the climate zones in our area. Ideal training for beginner to intermediate home gardeners and classes are taught according to seasonal crop planting schedule and can be immediately applied in the garden. We offer specific advice for growing many of your favorite seasonal varieties, and more unusual edible plants. 2023 Growing Groceries

Online Classes – Classes are typically held 2-3 times a month via Zoom, beginning in January and ending in June. Classes meet on Wednesdays from 7:00pm to 8:30pm. Please note the specific class dates when registering – advance registration is required.

Cost: Participants may pay for individual classes or purchase a series subscription at discount. Purchases are made online by credit card or PayPal. Individual class fees are $7.50. Or the 12-course series can be purchased for $65, a savings of $25 off individual classes.

Registration: Advance registration is required with online purchase. Access link and instructions are sent via email to registered participants at 5pm on the day of class.

Audio Recordings: Never miss out! The 2023 Growing Groceries classes will be recorded and are made available to registered participants following the class!

Financial Need Fee Waivers. There are a limited number of Financial Need Fee Waivers available for individual classes at no cost. Not all waiver requests can be guaranteed; we offer up to ten (10) waiver requests per class. To request a fee waiver for a Growing Groceries class, please submit a request form prior to registering. Financial Need Fee Waiver Forms are located on the individual class registration page – Waivers may not be used for the series subscription.

Support Garden Education

Class fees help fund Master Gardener activities and environmental education programs through the Master Gardener Foundation of King County.

Courses taught by specialists – instructors include master gardeners, horticultural experts, environmental educators, WSU professors and permaculture advocates.

Who are Master Gardeners? We are certified, university-trained volunteers who provide the public with relevant, unbiased and research-based information focused on environmentally friendly gardening practices.

Don and two previous Master Gardener of the Year recipients.

Register for 2023 Growing Groceries Workshops

April 19, 2023 — Tomato Family: Tomatoes and Peppers with Extension Master Gardener Marcia Dillon. In this class you will learn how selecting the right cultivars and taking a few special measures, can help you successfully harvest delicious varieties of these popular vegetables. Register for this class

May 3, 2023 — Perennial Vegetables and Hardy Herbs. Are you tired of fussing over tender edibles that need pampering to provide you food? Then you’re ready to explore the lower-maintenance world of perennial vegetables and hardy herbs. From artichokes to yacon, easy-care vegetables delight. Sturdy rosemary and sage grow with just a little annual tending. Author and Extension Master Gardener Bill Thorness will discuss the perennial crops that are simply grown, and will share tips about proper planting, care and use. You may even leave with some recipes! Register for this class

May 17, 2023 — Beans and Summer and Winter Squash with Extension Master Gardener Emile Castle. In this class you will learn about heat-loving beans and the Cucumber Family (Cucurbitaceae) which includes cucumbers, squash, pumpkins and melons. Register for this class

May 31, 2023 — Container Vegetable Gardening. Think you don’t have room to grow vegetables? Join Extension Master Gardener Joan Baldwin to learn how you can use containers for a productive and fun gardening experience. We’ll also look at some frugal gardening techniques using items you have around your house. Register for this class

June 14, 2023 — Integrated Pest Management with Extension Master Gardener Adam Romero. This IPM class will cover good pollinator and predatory insects, crop- damaging insects, crop diseases, crop rotation and gardening with wildlife. Register for this class