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The Heads Up! newsletter was published by the King County Master Gardener Diagnostic Lab. The Diagnostic Lab ceased publication of this newsletter at the end of 2021, but many of the articles remain relevant for the time of year in which they were published. There are weather updates, Nerd’s Corner and fun facts with photos in Twigga Mortis. Here are some past issues for early spring that you might find of interest.


Heads UP September-October 2019 V5 No5: Bugs of Summer, Ahh, Fall, The Lazy Gardener, Digging in the Data, Winter Garden Planning, Webs in Trees, Spiders, Lawn Fertilizing, The Scoop on Poop, Weather Station, Nerd’s Corner, Twigga Mortis

Heads UP July-August 2019 V5 No4: Rusts: A Final Installment, European Chafer, Digging in the Data, It Might Be Mites, Summer Pruning, Bronze Birch Borer, Rose Stem Girdler, Earwigs, Pine False Webworm, That Wormy Thing, Weather Station, Nerd’s Corner, Twigga Mortis

Heads UP June 2019 V5 No3: Stealth, Thy Name is Rabbit, Think Brown Rot, Digging in the Data, Rusts & Their Double Lives, Warm Season Crops, Red Lily Leaf Beetle, Weather Station, Nerd’s Corner, Twigga Mortis

Heads UP April-May 2019 V5 No2: Clean Up and Have Patience; Viburnum Leaf Beetle; Digging in the Data; Why Do We Water in Rainy Seattle?; Pacific Coast Pear Rust; Weather Station; Twigga Mortis

Heads UP March 2019 V5 No1: And We’re Back!; Ooh, It’s an Oomycete!; Warm Season Vegetables and Cold March Temps; Bunnies, Bucks, and Slime; 2018 Lab Stats, Twigga Mortis, and (new) Weather Station


Heads UP September-October 2018 V4 No6: Seasonal Changes, Smoke in Your Stomates, Powdery Mildew, Lace Bugs Times Two, Greatness from Manure, Label Challenges with Roundup, Twigga Mortis, Digging Data

Heads UP August 2018 V4 No5: Prunus-Stone Fruit, Water Old Trees, Boxwood Blight, Apples: Maggots, Moths & Scab, Verticillium Wilt, Mites, Twigga Mortis, Digging Data

Heads UP July 2018 V4 No4: Cane Borers, Cutworms, Mychorrhizae, Tomato Curly Top, Digging Data, Himalayan Blackberry, Twigga Mortis

Heads UP June 2018 V4 No3: Stink Bugs, Rusts: Orange is the New Black, Digging Data, Lily Leaf Beetles, Tracking a Pest, Twigga Mortis

Heads UP Apr-May 2018 V4 No2: Aphid Hordes, Soil Tests, Lace Bugs, Digging Data, Daylily Gall Midge, Brown Rot, Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, Twigga Mortis

Heads UP March 2018 V4 No1: Welcome Back!, New Plant Problem Form, Gardens Awake, To Mulch or Not to Mulch, 2017 Lab Stats, Patience in Garden Cleanup, Organic Matter Matters, Twigga Mortis


Heads UP Sept-Oct 2017 V3 No6: Keep Your Fingers Crossed, Early Leaf Drop, Digging Data, Dahlias, Captain Cleanup, Powdery Mildew Images, Tomato Late Blight, Blossom End Rot, Pear Trellis Rust, Lily Fasciation, Twigga Mortis: Heat Fatigue

Heads UP Aug 2017 V3 No5: The Beetles are Coming, Beetle Eradication, Data Digging, What’s That Wormy Thing, Tomatoes, Vegetable Fact Sheets, Twigga Mortis: Burlap

Heads UP July 2017 V3 No4: Anthracnos — Beyond Dogwoods, Hemlock Woolly Adelgid, Data Digging for Plant Problems, Can Fruit-Rose Girdler, Rhododendron Plagues, Web Sources Not to Ignore, Twigga Mortis: Squirrel

Heads UP June 2017 V3 No3: Why is My Arborvitae Dying?, Spotted Wing Drosophila Fly, Data Digging for Plant Problems, Web Sources Not to Ignore, Leaf Blight

Heads UP Apr-May 2017 V3 No2: Spring is Here!, Slug Prevention, Data Digging for Plant Problems, Web Sources Not to Ignore, Matching Images to the Problem

Heads UP March 2017 V3 No1: Your Role with the Diagnostics Lab, Bugs around in 2016, Fungus among Us, Cultural problems in 2016


Heads Up Sep-Oct 2016 V2 No6: About Bats, Grow the Perfect Rhododendron, Colors of Autumn, Nematodes, Problems in the Garden in Fall

Heads Up Aug 2016 V2 No5: White Rust, Behold the Leaf, Verticillium Wilt, Watering as an Art Form, the Parasitoid Wasp and The Art of War, Problems in the Garden in August

Heads Up July 2016 V2 No4: Leafminers, Managing Weeds, Woolly Apple Aphids, Bird Netting or Not, Dogwood Anthracnose, Problems in the Garden in July, Viruses and Bacteria, Glysophate – Yes, No, Maybe, Drought and Conifer Mortality

Heads Up June 2016 V2 No3: Armillaria Root Disease, Apply Maggot, Scab, Boxwood Problems, Black Spot on Roses, Problems in the Garden in June

Heads Up Apr-May 2016 V2 No2: Lace Bug, Brown Rot, Raspberries, Weeds and Soils, Got Slugs?, Problems in the Garden in May

Heads Up Mar 2016 V2 No1: From Our Database: Running the Numbers and Key Findings


Heads Up Sep-Oct 2015 V1 No5: Drought – Lamentation and Hope in 2015, Leafhoppers, Problems in the Garden in September and October, Preparing for Fall, Water

Heads Up Aug 2015 V1 No4: Problems in the Garden in August, Crocosmia, Dahlia Fungal Root Rot, Hydrangea Leaf Scorch, Mountain Ash and Sawfly, Hazel and Eastern Filbert Blight, Grapes and Brown Marmorated Stink Bug or Erineum Mite, Cedar Flagging, Cankers, Conks and Galls

Heads Up July 2015 V1 No3Prunus and Maple Problems in July, Dog Vomit Fungus, Cultural Tomato Problems, Dogwoods and Anthracnose, Apple Scab, Pear Rusts

Heads Up June 2015 V1 No2: Problems in the Garden in June include brown rot, shothole and tent caterpillars on Prunus; verticillium wilt, anthracnose and eriophyid mites on maples; leaf gall, powdery mildew and lace bugs on rhodies; scab and aphids on Malus; anthracnose on dogwood; and rusts on Pyrus

Heads Up May 2015 V1 No1: Welcome, Problems in the Garden in April, Key Plants and their Problems in May